Going Green contracted additional farmers to produce sunflower seeds. Initially Going Green was supporting 500 farmers and now we are supporting 1300 farmers. Farmer contracting was done through the agriculture office at Waliranji EPA in Mchinji district. The office introduced us to existing clubs in the communities. Farmer sensitization meetings were conducted and contract signing between small holder farmers and Going Green was done 5th and 20th January 2022.

Sunflower seeds distribution was done on 27th January 2022 at Going Green Factory in Waliranji through lead farmers who then distributed to their club members.

Seed distribution started with a briefing session whose main aim was to show the lead farmers that they are crucial to the success of the company and  they were urged to be the ears and voice in the communities so that together we can achieve our aim of transforming Agriculture activities in Malawi starting with TA Mavwere.

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