2023/2024 Farming season Mobilization, registration and trainings of farmers.

Going Green LTD with funding from the Center for Agricultural Transformation undertook farmer mobilization for 2023/2024 growing season. The objective of this activity was to mobilize 3,500 small holder farmers in Mchinji and Dowa communities and to provide them with training on agronomy
practices to enhance their agricultural productivity.

Activities Undertaken:

 1. Mobilization: Prior to the training sessions, Going Green identified and selected target farmer clubs through our working partnership with the local agriculture office in Waliranji and Madisi to identify farmers who have a positive track record of Agro productivity. Going Green did not create new clubs but strengthen the existing clubs.

 2. Liaison was established with local community leaders and farmer groups to introduce the 2023/24 initiative: Going Green conducted follow up visits to invite lead farmers to participate in the lead farmer training sessions.

3. Training Sessions: Going Green conducted training sessions where lead farmers were taught on modern Agro practices in Soya, Sunflower, and Groundnuts. They were also taught about good farmer club management, good farm record keeping and contract farming.

A total of 88 lead farmers were trained representing 3,500 farmers who are grouped in groups of 40 per group. These groups have been specially formulated to form groups of 40 by combining already existing clubs for effective monitoring of the activities that will be carried out in this season. Lead farmers were trained by a group of expert trainers who had attended the CAT Agri clinic that was organised the Center For Agriculture Transformation (CAT) for 2023/2024 growing season. and each Lead farmer had training materials which were also distributed to the rest of the group for reference.

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