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Going Green is a Malawian female led social impact company that produces cooking oil using Soybeans and Sunflower Seeds working with farmers in Mchinji and Kasungu districts, 80% of which are women and the youth. The Company provides inputs such as seed and agronomic technical support to the contracted farmers to ensure that they obtain high yields and produce grains of uniform quality. At the end of the farming season, the Company buys the produce from the farmers at competitive prices to prevent the contracted farmers from side-selling the produce to vendors and ensure that they remain incentivized to continue producing the crops for the company. The company processes the produce into Vegetable (Sunflower) and Protein (Soybean) cooking oil.

Going Green is also involved in the production of a clean cooking stove called the MIG bio cooker in partnership with Make it Green of Sweden and the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE). This bio cooker converts biomass fuels, producing heat for cooking and for water purification systems and enriching soil for agriculture.

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